Frequently Asked Questions

How much a custom wrap design cost?2020-04-23T08:28:43-04:00

The prices for a full custom wrap design usually varies between $1200usd and $2000usd depending on the complexity of the project. For example weathered designs are often more expensive than more classic designs. Other elements such as rush turnaround, custom templates and ready to print files are all influencing the final price. Contact me for a quote of your project.

How do I proceed to have a precise quote of my wrap design project?2019-08-08T13:32:23-04:00

To have a precise quote of your project you simply have to contact me using the contact form. It is free with no obligation. Please try to provide as much details as you can about your vehicle and the kind of design you are looking for so I can have a good idea of the project.

Do the price includes the prints and installation?2019-08-08T13:55:12-04:00

No. The price is for the designing part only. The price normally includes the renders of the vehicle with the design and the final files to scale for production. The print and installation parts will have to be made by a company of your choice in your area.

What to do if I am ready to proceed with the wrap design?2019-08-08T14:14:09-04:00

You’ve received the quote of your project and you are ready to proceed with the wrap design? You now need to send the first payment so I can start working on your project. I often work on multiple project simultaneously so the sooner I have the deposit the sooner I start working on your project. The first payment is a deposit that correspond to 50% of the final price. The other 50% payment will only be needed once the final design is approved and before I send the final production files.

How do I make the payment?2019-08-08T14:12:53-04:00

I accept e-transfer payments in Canada and Paypal payments worldwide. Payment details will be given by email with your quote.

How long does the designing process takes?2019-08-08T14:24:50-04:00

I work on multiple projects simultaneously so depending on my workload you can normally expect between 7 to 10 days after the first payment before receiving the first draft of your project. The whole designing process will depend on the complexity of the project and on how many modifications I will have to make. To ensure a more efficient process it is important to provide as much details as possible about what you are looking for.

Do you provide renders of my vehicle with the design?2019-08-08T14:33:48-04:00

Unless we previously agreed on not making them or if they are simply not needed for your project, yes normally renders of your vehicle with your wrap design will be provided. I will do my best to make the renders as close as possible to your car but please keep in mind that small differences can be expected. Especially when your vehicle is not stock and have custom parts.

Do you provide ready to print files?2019-08-08T14:44:50-04:00

Final files are always ready for production but not necessarily ready to print. Depending on the wrapping shop equipments and installers preference not everyone use the same techniques, need the same dimensions or use the same rip. Which is why I normally provide full size files of each sides or parts and let them do the final cutting and final color adjustments for production.

How can I be sure the final files will fit my vehicle?2019-08-08T15:03:30-04:00

Even though I do my own research, use proper and accurate templates and design everything to scale, it is to the wrapping shop responsibility to make sure the final files fits the actual dimensions and specifications of the vehicle before going to production. I also strongly advise my clients to ask for a test print so they can approve the colors before going to production. I keep myself available for any modification that may be needed.

How to find a wrapping company to print and install my wrap design?2019-08-08T15:21:08-04:00

Maybe I can help you find wrapping companies in your area but your best bet would be to make a google search and look for companies in your area and go meet with a few of them. Look for established companies with certified installers that have done this type of work before. You can also search the “Paint is dead” network to see if they have members in your area. Please keep in mind that cheap quotes are not a good sign. Look for the best quality not for the best price.

Do you sell pre-made wrap designs at cheaper price?2019-08-08T15:42:32-04:00

Yes have a look at my store for non-exclusive wrap designs at a cheaper price. I am adding new stock wrap designs to my store on a regular basis.

Can I have a stock wrap design adapted to my vehicle?2019-08-08T15:51:29-04:00

Yes simply contact me directly before purchasing the stock wrap design so I can quote your project. I’ll give you a price that will include the wrap design adapted to the specifications of your vehicle and the renders of your vehicle with the wrap design. It will be cheaper than going full custom.

Can I buy a wrap design from your portfolio?2019-08-08T15:57:07-04:00

It really depends on which wrap design so please contact me to inquire about the availability of a wrap design. Some of these wrap designs are work done for clients and are not for sell. Some other are still at a concept level so designing work will still be needed to make them print ready.

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